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The main purpose behind your commercial / advertising video is to convey a sales message to your target audience, and encourage them to purchase your products or services. This is why it is vital to have the best possible voiceover to go alongside your video. One significant aspect is to ensure that your chosen voice, and how it is produced, it trustworthy; as this will also create trust with your viewers.

Voice Overs for Commercials also need to be crafted in a way which is relatable to your particular target audience (age, gender, location, demographic). Is your target audience domestic or international? This will also play a large part of choosing the right voice to best sell your message (and products!) to customers.

LJ Hooker Realestate

Thanks and happy with all the service was wonderful. Plenty of positive feedback!

Matt Adset
LJ Hooker Realestate

It could not have been any more perfect 😊

One Day Video

As a video production company, we are loving VidVoices! You make it so darn easy! 🙂


Great experience, very professional, well done! A pleasure to work with the team.

Neil Muller
Bakers Delight

vidVoices was fast, efficient and more than happy to suit our specific needs. We are very happy with the end result.

Scott Darkin
Bakers Delight

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