April 20, 2020
5 tips to help you write the perfect script.

So, you have your video, and the time has come to add to and edit your audio. Unfortunately, this can be an extremely long and tenuous process, especially if you don’t have much experience. Many people decide to add video voice overs to increase the quality of their content, especially if their video doesn’t contain a lot of native audio.

A video voice over is basically when someone speaks over the top of the video, ‘narrating’ what is happening and adding important information where necessary. While they are a great idea, and they work extremely well, voice overs can actually be pretty hard to write. Below are our top five tips for writing the perfect voice over for your video:

  1. Make sure your message is clear:

Generally, the point of a voice over is either to educate people about something, or to get a point across to an audience. If you are trying to educate people, don’t get your information mixed up. On the other hand, if you are trying to get a point across, make sure that you make things very obvious and use a lot of emotive words to engage the viewer.

  1. Don’t be afraid to pause:

As a videographer, pauses can sometimes be frowned upon. After all, who wants to listen to ‘dead air’. However, it is important to realise that sometimes, just sometimes, pauses can be used to great effect. Some of the best voice overs out there are full of pauses which can work to highlight a point you have made or to draw attention to the natural audio of a video.

  1. Make sure that it isn’t too long:

You need to make sure that your voice over fits in – both length and content wise – with your video. If you are flexible about the length of your video, remember that voice overs do cost money. Keep things to the point and make sure that you don’t waste valuable seconds.

  1. Keep your language simple:

Although the people watching your video may well be educated college professors or university graduates, they equally might not be. Make sure that you keep your language simple enough for anyone to understand it. Doing so should help keep viewers interested.

  1. Keep things relevant:

When it comes to video voice overs, relevance is everything. As humans, we only have 1440 minutes per day – of which roughly 480 are spent sleeping. No one wants to waste valuable minutes watching a video where the narrator talks about nothing for ages before getting to the interesting bits. In this case, people will simply move to the next video.

Final Word:

If you are looking for the perfect video voice over script, consider working with a professional team to get it right. Sure, you can probably make a pretty good one on your own, but a professional will nearly always do a better job. Get in touch with the team at Video Voice Over to see how they can help spice up your video!

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