April 14, 2020
Vocal Impact

What else is there to say when a video and its images seem to say it all?

Well, apparently there’s quite a lot left to say! It’s common knowledge that messages are seldom fully understood by audiences. By and large, just a few bit of information remain in the memory – unfortunately it’s just the way the human brain works! Because there’s only so much that a person can take-in at one sitting, it becomes crucial to maximize key information absorption, via the use of various features.

A great strategy to ensure full comprehension is to include the following features in your next video:

1. A Top Notch Script (content counts!).

2. Punchy Facts (or Key Information) that you want the viewer to remember.

3. A Professional Voice-over to suit the Content (this aids in recall and impact).

4. Sharp Editing for content enhancement (this can make or break video content).

The reason that voice-over work can be so hugely helpful in video impact is because it enhances the visual experience by reminding the viewer of key facts and with auditory influence. This is why many companies use jingles, feature songs and made up rhymes, it’s often easier to recall a specific voice, sound or song, than a visual feature (i.e. a company phone number, location etc.). Think about the last time you got an advertisement tune (radio or tv) stuck in your head, or a catchphrase, like Pringles ‘once you pop you can’t stop!’ – it’s iconic and everyone knows it relative to the brand Pringles! This is how vocal work, works!

If you want to enhance your coverage and maximize the opportunity for brand and service recognition, be sure to get in touch for a scope of work. We’re fast, effective and ready to create top notch material.

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