January 31, 2020
Video marketing for Real-estate industry
Real estate is a highly competitive industry where companies need to be aware and adhere to most effective marketing tools to stand alive in the competition. Due to the enormous popularity and higher efficiency of video marketing, real estate businesses are now consider about it more than ever.  In fact, real estate is one business that can be highly benefitted via video marketing due to various reasons. For obvious reasons, in real estate industry, the best results are delivered when a visual aid is provided. That is why the real-estate is known to be an industry that makes the best use of video marketing.

Areas real estate businesses can use video marketing

TV Commercials

As with any other industry, TV commercials too can be significantly effective when it comes to marketing real estate products. Since a considerable amount of decision-making population watch television, utilization of TV commercials can be highly effective. Vacant buildings, apartments, lands and whatever related to real estate industry can be perfectly advertised with these TV commercials. Of course, all these commercials should be assisted by effective video voiceovers that attract viewers.


Social media contents

It is needless to point out the popularity of social media as a marketing tool these days.  To make use of this effective and widespread marketing tool for real estate industry, businesses can concentrate on creating sharable multimedia contents with powerful video voiceovers. Usually, when such contents are uploaded to social media, people tend to interact with them by liking and sharing. This becomes highly advantageous as it is a free advertising that addresses hundreds of thousands of potential customers.


Virtual Tours

Virtual tours are a great way to display the products and encourage customers to do purchasing. In fact, virtual tours are a great advantage for people who live busy life styles. Every step of these virtual tours should be explained with a clear and attractive video voiceover to impress the customers. Potential customers can get a clear idea about the site and inspect all the aspects without physically visiting them. In addition to that, utilization of virtual tours is a sign of the standard of the company.


Things to consider when making a real estate video

  • It should obviously go beyond a picture slideshow. Modern customers are smart enough to spot the difference between an HD video tour and a slideshow. This is a fact the showcase the quality of the services you offer.
  • Never use shaky videos as it can distract your viewers. Use a tripod to make all the scenes steady.
  • Usage of wide-angle lenses can be effective in displaying the space of the rooms.
  • Always use the street address in the title of the video you create. Other than the clarity it makes for the viewers, it becomes highly advantageous when it comes to SEO too.
  • When shooting indoors, have plenty of light and open the curtains allowing sunlight to come into house.
  • Limit your videos for 4 minutes


Despite everything mentioned above, it is compulsory to use a lively, strong and enthusiastic video voiceover with the assistance of a trained professional to make the best use of the videos.

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